Digitalised updates

Digitalised updates

Sailfish Swim Academy is also dedicated to making the experience as convenient and streamlined as possible for our students and their families. One way we achieve this is through digitalized updates via our app.

Our app is designed to provide students and their families with seamless and easy access to important information about their progress and upcoming classes. Every three months, we use the app to update students on their progress, including their skill level and areas of improvement. This information is provided in a clear and user-friendly format, making it easy for students to track their progress over time.

In addition to progress updates, our app also allows students to easily reschedule classes, pay fees, receive receipts, and check their remaining classes and attendance. This provides a level of convenience that is unmatched in traditional swimming programs. With the ability to manage their swim schedule and payments from their mobile device, students and their families can stay organized and on top of their commitments with ease.

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