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Why You Should Learn Swimming With Us

Swimming is a lifetime skill that can bring enjoyment and safety when you need it. Anybody who puts in effort in learning to swim will eventually pick up the skill. We do our best to bring swimming lessons to as many as possible.

No matter if you need a lesson for young infants of 6 months or all the way to adults and even senior citizens, we have swim program to suit individual needs.  It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, water phobic or not. As long as you are eager to pick up the swimming skill, we believe that we will be able to assist you.

What Are Kids Going To Learn?

Water Familiarisation

Learn how to explore in and around the water safely.

Breath Control

Learn how to hold their breath with right technique.

Trauma-Free Submersion

Develop confidence in submerging underwater and discover the freedom of buoyancy.

Free Floating

Learn how to float without assistance to the ledge of pools or between adults.


Learn proper hand paddling and leg kicking action to swim around in the water.


Learn how to swim in laps, grabbing the ledges and get out of the pool, all by themselves in a safely manner.

Swimming Programs

We conduct swimming lesson for all ages. Find the right one for you!

Low Student to Instructor Ratio
We have a low student to instructor ratio with a maximum of 6 student to 1 instructor class
Dynamic Mix of Land Training and Water Training
Innovated advanced land exercises are incorporated into the syllabus to ensure healthy progression
Qualified Instructors
Classes are efficient and fun at the same time. Our instructors are trained to ensure every student has the best coaching experience
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