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Sailfish Swim Academy has a supportive, flexible work culture that prioritizes open communication, collaboration, recognition, professional development, fun, and positivity.

Career At Sailfish Swim Academy

Working at Sailfish Swim Academy offers a range of exciting & rewarding benefits:

1. Competitive compensations package: Competitive base salary, EPF, SOCSO, EIS, performance-based incentives, paid time off including sick leave, public holidays, vacation days.
2. Technical training: Our coaches teach proper swimming technique, pacing, and breathing, ensuring that students learn essential swimming skills and are safe in the water.
3. Teambuilding: We prioritize building relationships among coaches and students, promoting collaboration and mutual support.

4. Flexible working culture: Our culture is centered on excellence, inclusivity, and continuous improvement, ensuring that coaches provide high-quality swimming education.

Swimming Instructor

As a career, swimming instructors at Sailfish Swim Academy have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of students of all ages and backgrounds by teaching them an essential life skill. Our instructors can advance their careers by gaining additional certifications, moving into leadership roles, or taking on additional responsibilities within the organization. They also have the potential to earn competitive salaries and benefits, and to work flexible schedules that allow them to balance their professional and personal lives.


As part of the management/administration team at Sailfish Swim Academy, individuals oversee day-to-day operations, develop growth strategies, and improve swimming education quality. This role offers leadership and business skill development, potential career advancement, and opportunities for higher-level positions within the organization.

Working in management or administration at Sailfish Swim Academy provides individuals with the opportunity to gain valuable leadership and business skills, such as strategic planning, financial management, and staff development. They can also advance their careers by taking on additional responsibilities, such as leading new initiatives or expanding into new markets. Working in management or administration also provides a path to higher-level leadership roles within the organization, such as director or executive positions.

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