Did you know that:

  • Malaysia records 1.6 drowning cases daily
  • Malaysia records 700 drowning cases anually
  • Drowning is the second major cause of death of children in Malaysia

This inspires Sailfish mission of preventing drowning cases and creating confident, skilled swimmers through exceptional swim instruction and water safety education. We believe that everyone should have access to quality swim lessons, regardless of age or ability.

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Unique Teaching Philosophy

Head Coach Ryan Kee

Ryan Kee's experience as a SEA Games medalist has given him a deep understanding of the nuances of swimming, including proper technique, pacing, and breathing. As a coach, he is able to impart his knowledge to his students in a way that is clear, concise, and effective. He is also well-versed in child psychology, which enables him to communicate with young swimmers in a way that is both encouraging and motivating. By combining his knowledge of swimming with his understanding of child development, he has developed a learn-to-swim program that is effective, safe, and fun.

In addition to his experience as a coach and swimmer, Ryan Kee has also worked closely with other head coaches to develop the most advanced and suitable learn-to-swim program for all ages. This collaborative approach has enabled him to incorporate a wide range of techniques and methodologies into his syllabus, ensuring that all students receive a well-rounded and comprehensive education in swimming. Whether a student is a beginner or an experienced swimmer looking to improve their skills, Sailfish's swimming programs are designed to meet their needs and help them achieve their goals in the water.

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