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Terms of Studentship

All classes are once a week except for competitive class. All replacements can be made within the month if informed at least 24 hours earlier to Admin @ +60 18-396 2877 (Bukit Kemuning) @+60 18-380 7558 (Tropicana Aman Sinaria Indoor & Tropicana Aman Hub). Otherwise, we are not able to replace. For unforeseen circumstances, can discuss replacement with Admin.

Also take note that fees must be paid 14 days before the month for scheduling. Otherwise, slots are assumed to be unfilled and we cannot guarantee the slot.

Kindly take note that classes are on during raining time and public holidays unless announced otherwise. During thunderstorms, we will conduct land training to enhance muscle memory of our students and do stroke corrections. We never cancel class to ensure those who are committed will always be able to attend class. In the case of the rainy season, for any month where children attend more than 2 hours of land training, we will provide an additional free class in the month/next month. Kindly proceed to the counter to arrange the additional free class.

All fees are assumed to be for 4 lessons. Months where there are 5 lessons, the system will prorate and charge based on 5 lessons. Months where there are holidays, fees will be prorated to lessons conducted in the months only.

All fees & registration fees are non-refundable.

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